SECP White Papers

ZNWU White Papers summarize current views and assessments of the ZNWU on issues of sustainable economic and business policy. They are the result of an exchange between researchers at ZNWU and aim to promote sustainable development with concrete ideas on best practice and next practice.

The boundaries between business, universities and civil society are becoming increasingly blurred. The clear assignment of where technological innovation or innovations in general arise and where they originate is becoming increasingly diffuse.
New, often hybrid innovation ecosystems are emerging. Technological -, social – and institutional innovations relate to each other in new and effective ways and interlink with each other. Innovation impulses also emanate from citizens (Citizen Science), who thus become active designers and “co-creators”. In this way, new actors are increasingly gaining influence in the overall system of innovation landscapes.
This article brings together various strands of debate on innovation in urban space and examines them using the example of innovation and technology parks (IuT parks). New forms of governance are discussed and examples of future-oriented design elements and development possibilities for IuT parks are shown, leading to innovation and creativity quarters. The article concludes with comprehensive recommendations for the transfer-oriented development of IuT-Parks.

You can read the whole paper here (in German).

Every manager is constantly confronted with questions of corporate strategy. What are the desired goals, what are the “right” things to do? While strategic considerations are of great importance, they are usually overshadowed by the dominant day-to-day business of doing things “right” – and doing as much of it as possible. As a result, many managers repeatedly find that they should invest more time in strategic considerations. While more and more members of top management are seeking remedies with coaching offers, middle management members usually do not find the right approach because the day-to-day business takes up too much space.

This white paper presents a concept for developing ideas for new business models. In addition to the prerequisites (Want), methods for developing ideas (Ability) and, finally, tips for implementation (Action) are presented. In this way, readers are motivated and supported to take more time for strategic considerations, especially for the search for new entrepreneurial ideas.

You can read the whole paper here (in German).