Sustainability Studies


Public administration and non-profit organisations are required to make contributions to sustainable development in their respective areas of activity. What are these contributions and how can they be anchored in public administration and organisations? The course conveys concepts and measures for the design of innovation and development processes and methods and instruments for collecting and controlling these processes. More


Sustainable and safe, affordable and efficient – these are the criteria that energy systems must meet today. But how is the transition from unsustainable use of fossil fuels and nuclear energy to sustainable energy supply using renewable energies possible? The Bachelor’s programme in Energy Economics provides the basis for this. The course focuses on the liberalisation and globalisation of energy markets, renewable energies, decentralised energy systems, digitisation and the regulatory challenges of the energy industry as well as the responsible use of energy resources. In addition to a broad basic knowledge of business administration, the course provides in-depth knowledge of energy generation, grid operation, trading and the legal, technical and political framework conditions in the energy industry. More