SECP Discussion Papers: New publication by Prof. Dr. Stork and colleagues

Stress and psychological strain are dominant phenomena in modern Western societies and play an ever-increasing role among students. In the business environment there are already various concepts that serve to reduce stress and build up resilience and usually there is also a high level of attention from management and executives. On the other hand relevant activities at universities are rather rare and above all little systematically developed.

Against this background, Prof. Dr. Werner Stork and Prof. Dr. med. Silke Heimes together with the lecturer and mindfulness trainer Helmut Aatz and five student employees (Sarah Allagha, Jens Boll, Stella Brug, Paul Hoffmann and Maximilian Rasch) carried out a project to develop suitable concepts as well as to research the potential effects on the perception of stress and the resilience of students. The results of the RODS II study confirm that mindfulness practice in students is suitable for reducing stress and promoting resilience. From the study, the recommendation can be derived that mindfulness courses at colleges, universities and training centers be systematically and firmly anchored in the teaching activities for all students.

On this page you can download and read the paper.

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