Ring lecture of 26 January

This Event ist dedicated to the systematic question of what values the organization and its management create for society.
On Tuesday, 26 January 2016, representatives from science, business and politics came together to discuss the term “public value”.

Popular terms such as “regional added value”, “sustainability” or “corporate social responsibility” are an expression of the increasingly broad and diverse discussion on this issue. Customers and other stakeholders are increasingly placing expectations on organizations that go beyond their economic performance. It is by no means the case that there is only one possible approach to processing these expectations. For this reason, the Faculty of Economics at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences (h_da) is organizing the lecture series “Public Value” – Vision, Concepts and Practical Implementation and invites you to the following program:

  • Prof. Dr. Christopher Almeling (Dean of the Faculty of Economics, h_da) – Introduction and Greeting
  • Prof. Dr. Ulrich Klüh (h_da) – “Public value, sustainability, public welfare economy: staging or concretising a diverse social order?
  • A panel discussion with the participation of Prof. Dr. Gisela Kubon-Gilke (Vice President of the Protestant University Darmstadt), Prof. Dr. Klaus-Michael Ahrend (Chairman of HEAG Holding AG and h_da), Gerhard Grandke (Managing President of the Savings Banks and Giro Association Hesse-Thuringia) and Jochen Partsch (Mayor of the Science City Darmstadt).

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