The SECP at the Darmstadt days of transformation 2023

On Thursday afternoon, June 15, a workshop was held in Darmstadt on the theme of financing the socio-ecological transition. It was organized by the four Clim fi soc project teams and the Schader Foundation, as part of the Darmstädter Tage der Transformation 2023 (

Players from the financial sector, the real economy (SMEs) and civil society came together to discuss the socio-ecological transition around four thematic questions. Where are their organizations in the way of transition? What are their financing needs? What are the cooperations and oppositions? What is the place of political discourse and regulation?

The discussions took place over the course of an afternoon, enabling the actors present to meet and better understand each other. The afternoon also enabled us to gather data on the socio-ecological transition process at regional level, from the point of view of the players involved.