The Legitimacy of Financial Capitalism.

The project “LegitimFinanz” (LegitimFinanz), realised within the framework of the BMBF funding line “Financial System and Society” under the direction of Prof. Dr. Sascha Münnich, will present the research results of recent years as well as other contributions on the topic at the closing conference „The Legitimacy of Financial Profits. New Comperative and Historical Perspectives on the Dynamics of Financial Capitalism“.

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Climate Conference in Katowice: Interview with Uli Klüh on banks and the climate

The 24th UN Climate Change Conference is currently taking place in Katowice. On this occasion we post the link to the podcast of an interview recently conducted by Uli Klüh, Head of the Research Unit “Political Economy of Sustainability” with Hessischer Rundfunk:


Lecture “Gewerkschaftsarbeit 4.0” shifts to 19.12.

Lecture “Gewerkschaftsarbeit 4.0” shifts to 19.12.
What are the challenges of digital transformation? What do platform economy, artificial intelligence, big data, automation and increasing transparency in production processes do with our jobs? How can co-determination and participation be secured in the digital age? It is sometimes forgotten that private companies are far more than just organizations that generate profits and returns. They are also a central element of (Western) societies and form a central foundation of our welfare state.

Against this background, we cordially invite you to the guest lecture “Trade Union Work 4.0”. Andreas Becker, member of the Works Council of Merck KGaA, will give a lecture on December 19, 2018 at 4 p.m. at the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences on Campus Dieburg in lecture hall F 15 / 112. Registration is not required.

Business in dialogue on sustainable development w:ne

The ZNWU cordially invites you to the seminar, which takes place in the winter semester again on Thursdays from 12.15-13.45 in Holzhofallee 21, Room 105, in Darmstadt. Beginning is 1 November. We are looking forward to Boris Berner from Pro Arbeit in the district of Offenbach, who will give a lecture on the topic of lateral and progressive thinkers in public administration.

Students are also very welcome. Registration is not necessary. All dates can be found here.

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4. Economic Forum of the h_da on 29.1.2019

After the successful and well-attended business forums in January 2018 and in Autumn 2015 and 2016, the students of the Faculty of Economics will also organise and hold a business forum in the coming winter semester. The 4th Business Forum of the h_da is dedicated to the main topic “Smart Region4 – Shaping Regional Transformation”.

You can expect professional lectures, implementation-oriented workshops and interesting discussions with participants from politics, society, science and economy. The Business Forum will once again offer you many opportunities to get involved and view the topic from different perspectives. Further insights and contact details can be found here.

Symposium “Taking back Control” On the global financial crisis and the ambitions of controlling the financial system


Is it possible not only to stabilize the financial system, but also to align it with social goals? And how could this happen?

The insolvency of the investment bank Lehman Brothers on 15 September 2008 marked a dramatic climax of the global financial crisis. Cultural, institutional and organisational change paved the way for this crisis. The crisis, which can be attributed solely to the risky business strategies of some financial institutions on the US mortgage market, is too short-sighted.

At the same time, the effects of the global financial crisis are multifaceted. In the countries of the global North, it has significantly increased the feeling of insecurity. In its manifestation as a European debt crisis, it had extensive political consequences – far beyond financial market policy. Trust in the fundamental institutions of modern societies, in the market’s ability to coordinate and in the corrective and steering potential of the state has been severely scratched all over the world. This is also likely to feed the success of populist movements in Europe and North America.

The ambitions of controlling the financial system in view of the experiences of the global financial crisis will be the topic of the interdisciplinary conference “Taking back Control”. It will take place on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers on 6/7 September 2018 at the Darmstädter Schader-Forum.

The conference will focus on the topics “Transdisciplinary crisis diagnoses”, “The significance of the global financial crisis for the stability of democratic societies” and “Social control of the financial system – how and what for”.

Organizers are the Schader Foundation and the BMBF-funded research network “What should banks do? (SOFI Göttingen, Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences and Nell-Breuning Institute Frankfurt am Main). The symposium is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of the “Financial System and Society” funding initiative. The papers on the workshop rounds will be available from mid-August on the website .

Please register by 30 August 2018 at the latest.

Fax: 0 61 51 / 17 59 – 25, e-mail: or online at