Student:innen fassen zusammen

Business in dialogue on: sustainable developments dates in WS 2020/21


"The W:NE seminar provided interesting contributions and discussions. The contributions have encouraged us to take a closer look at the topic of sustainable development and the challenges related to this issue. Sustainable development includes not only ecological, but also social and economic aspects. These contributions have explained that sustainable development can be promoted at different levels. These include the individual mindset, the role of education, the role of politics and institutions and strategies for implementing sustainable development in a company.

These discussions encourage both lecturers and participants to look at sustainability from different perspectives and to develop new ideas related to sustainability." (Tamara Mathiowetz und Fabian Garcia Lagos, 2021)


Prof. Dr. Ulrich Klüh


Sarah Fernandez Mantilla


Jessica Alexandrovha Muñoz Montes