Ann-Cathrin Jöst

Research Focuses

  • Systems Theory for Sustainability
  • Business Models for Sustainability

Ann-Cathrin Jöst is a research associate at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. There she works in the third-party funded project “System Innovation for Sustainable Development”. Her project role is to research sustainable business models in the mobility sector and for sustainable chemicals in the leather industry. She also participates as co-lecture in project management modules, where student groups work together to solve real life challenges such as for sustainability with actors from the private sector.

In the past she has worked on integrated sustainability assessments for sustainable business models, created educational material for the Circular Economy and utilized practice theory to identify barriers and opportunities for sustainability innovation such as in the wood industry. Next to that Ann-Cathrin Jöst enjoys researching and writing on her blog. There she integrates views on ecology, psychoanalytical theory and the economy to form new theories on sustainability.

Ann-Cathrin Jöst has a Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) from Windesheim Honours College, and a Masters in Sustainability Sciences and Policy (MSc) from Maastricht University, both the Netherlands. During her studies and work-experiences in the NGO and government sector, she obtained knowledge on project management in the development context with a specialization in ecosystems, public health and the Circular Economy in Europe, the United States of America and Asia including China, Cambodia and Indonesia.
Her wish is to integrate concepts of sustainability in various educational disciplines.